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Titel: Marble Tunes
Label: ChinChin Records
Genre: Electronica
Bestell-Nr.: ac2062
Format: CD
VÖ-Datum: 2011-05-26
Preis: 17.95 € (ca. 24.23 $)  nicht auf Bestand

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1. Jazz Bizarre
2. Beija Me
3. The Sky Is Blue With You
4. The Bellman's Speech (Jojo Effect Remix)
5. Freaky Brown Bug Meets The A Sisters
6. I'm An Old Cow Hand (Bing Crosby Vs Jojo Effect)
7. Merveilleux
8. You Never Know
9. One Of A Kind
10. Count On Me
11. Brass Des Belugas
12. Gogo Girls
13. Same Old Song (Remix)
14. Scarlett
15. Somewhere In Between
16. Thought's Tango (Jojo Effect Remix)

Simply said wearing rose tinted glasses, turns a blind eye to the world and puts one into a happy mood! This is the third album by Lounge project JoJo Effect "marble tunes" it is happy and full of life that inevitably sets you into a good mood. Soft Latin rhythms, jolly Electric Swing, sumptuous lush chill-out beats and groovy NuJazz provides you for a sunny holiday atmosphere. The stress disappears and you see yourself sitting in a convertible, elbows relaxed, fingers on the steering wheel driving towards the sun. Roll Sixteen colorful Marbles swinging through time and space, from living room to a Swing Palace, that dramatic silent film, that relaxed sunset scenario in Technicolor, from easy going to hanging out in extreme relaxation. Put your hands up In the air JoJo Effect is "marble tunes" full of passion pure in its mission: to conjure up a broad grin on the faces of their listeners. In addition to the dynamic music, there are the exceptional singers being Soul Sister Bajka, Power-Singer Brenda Boykin, Jazz Crooner Iain Mackenzie and of course Anne Schnell, the vocal heart of JoJo Efect.

"Marble tunes" is a musical spa package, which can recommend any good doctors and pharmacists to safely brighten any ones mood. What can we say: Anno 2005, Anne Schnell discovered the producers Kitty the Bill, Maxim Illion and Jürgen Kausemann from ChinChin Records. They were immediately impressed by Anne's vocals and songwriting skills. So the project JoJo Effect was born using experienced musicians (including the renowned trumpet player Reiner Winterschladen and some of the members from Club des Belugas). The first album "Not With Me" was released in 2006 their second "Ordinary Madness" came out in 2009.

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