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Title: Resensed Part One
Label: Plastic City
Genre: Tech-House
Ordernumber: plac046-3
Format: 2LP
Releasedate: 2007-01-29
Price: 12.95 € (approx. 17.48 $)  auf Bestand

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A1 Reachin’ Out (Dave Spoon Remix)
A2 The Booty Song (Ian Pooley Remix)
B1 All I’ve Got (King Britt Remix)
B2 Space for Lovers (Rulers of The Deep Remix)
C1 Room Of A Million Rainbows (PQM Proper Mix)
C2 Travellers Can't Sleep - In Deep Session With Terry Lee Brown Junior (Jesse Somfay’s Medusa Coil Mix)
D1 So much Pain Inside (Terry Lee Brown Junior´s Pain On Dub)
D2 Here Comes The Sun (DJ Stryke’s Sunshine State of Mind Mix)

Time to re-write history: The house legend Jean F. Cochois a.k.a. The Timewriter, possibly one of the most sought-after house artists the German deephouse scene has brought forward in the last ten years, has left his mark by producing four absolute stunning long players,Letters from the Jester, Jigsaw Pieces, Diary of A Lonely Sailor and Paintbox, published between 1995 and 2006. All of them of distinct quality with tracks of such delicate, honest beauty that they bring people to tears. Songs that will never be forgotten as they, with their timeless spirituality, would turn into genre classics. To give his work a new context and to recall some of The Timewriter’s finest moments, Plastic City label gave his thumbs-up for “Resensed Part One”, asking acclaimed musicians and newcomer producers alike to give the already complete masterpieces the Midas re-touch. The result, a first sequel of remixes that are now published on Timewriter haven Plastic City are at least as fascinating as thee eight original tracks and will equally appeal to those die-hard The Timewriter fans as well as those who discover him for the very first time.

With great sensuality and a lot of joy, a whole bunch of top class producers hailing from all parts of the planet has re-rubbed eight carefully selected tracks. They range from the breathtaking “Here Comes The Sun”, one of the highlights of the second album Jigsaw Pieces, to the amazing Paintbox track “Room of A Million Rainbows” that only recently has been released as a single, remixed by Athens based producer Mikael Delta. The tracks were reworked by, amongst others, Philadelphia’s finest King Britt, the outstanding German house producer Ian Pooley, one of the icons of the national house scene, and exciting new faces and fresh talents such as Jesse Somfay and Dave Spoon whose remix of the dazzling anthem “Reachin’ Out” equally touches heart and soul as well as from JFC´s labelmate and friend Terry Lee Brown Junior. The styles range from deep, electric mind trips to housey floor workouts. The remixers, united by a heart-knowing instinct to capture the very essence of every track and shape it into something completely new and contemporary, are adding new facets to an already accomplished sound: Resensed Part One.

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