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Title: Inner Vision
Label: Plastic City
Genre: Tech-House
Ordernumber: plac044-2
Format: CD
Releasedate: 2006-06-29
Price: 14.95 € (approx. 20.18 $)  nicht auf Bestand

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01. Inner Vision (feat. Trixx Anthony)
02. The Mask
03. George Interlude
04. Night Fever
05. Sunshine (feat. TablaSonic)
06. Tropical Interlude
07. Kai Interlude
08. Cross the Ocean
09. Aleks Interlude
10. Falling (feat. Trixx Anthony)
11. Homesick
12. Everything you do (feat. Erica Blanchard)
13. WYSIWYG (feat. Trixx Anthony)
14. JK Interlude
15. Before Vic
16. Dimitri Interlude
17. After Vic
18. Tropicana (feat. Trixx Anthony)
19. Pegasus
20. Hajo Interlude
21. Shine On
22. The one you choose (feat. Trixx Anthony)
23. Big Fun (feat. Trixx Anthony)

If there is one overall trend to spot in the wide fields of electronic music over the last years, it is the reversion to emotion. In a time where tracks are becoming more and more anonymous tools, melodies, references to pop music and recognition are seen as a design element and not as a blemish. To be honest, this recurrence was desperately needed, because music was always at best when feelings and not the mathematic of clicks were at the centre of attention.

Soda Inc. reached this point of intersection already with their debut album “Full Moon” one and a half years ago. With intense anthems such as "Flight SU 118 Babak Shayan and Jon Silva have created the deepest and most pictorial vision dub related Techhouse had to offer to our hearts and souls. A solid basis to build up for the early summer of 2006.

“Inner Vision” is following these traditions and succeeds in establishing a new balance of emotional club music, Caribbean Dub, oriental traditions and any amount of Pop. With its altogether 23 tracks “Inner Vision” seems to be an opus magnum where everybody is free to find his personal favourite – wether it is the melancholy of the title tracks Techhouse with its gentle Acid influences or “Pegasus”, the adorable Kim Wilde-quote “Night Fever” or “Everything You Do” – the exciting homage to Jennifer Paige, interpreted brilliantly by Canadian vocalist Erica Blanchard.

But “Inner Vision” has even more to offer: “Sunshine” with its opulent strings and Tabla-arrangements by the Indian super stars TablaSonic, or the the layed back Dub-Reggae cover version of Inner City´s smash hit “Big Fun” with UB 40´s legendary Trixx Anthony on the vocals.

This summer belongs to Soda Inc.!

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