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Various Artists
Title: Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 4
Label: Sine Music
Genre: Listening / Lounge
Ordernumber: sm0012
Format: CD
Releasedate: 2010-05-05
Price: 12.95 € (approx. 17.48 $)  nicht auf Bestand

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1. Thomas Lemmer - I Like It
2. Dulac & Dubois - Till The Break Of Dawn (Lounge Edit)
3. Redlounge Orchestra - Someone, Somewhere
4. Boot Cut Rockers Feat. Mica Wanner - Sunflowers
5. Polished Chrome - Beautiful
6. Sly - Like Love (Original Mix)
7. Ambray - Carousel
8. Sonic Adventure Project - Hollow (Sine Remix)
9. Gold Lounge - Only A Dream
10. Sine - New Paths
11. Merge Of Equals Feat.Sitta - Biya
12. Villablue Feat. Juanita Grande - Leaving The Lights
13. The Charly North Michael E Project - The Rapture
14. Schellrich & Sine - Springtime
15. Klangstein - Herlekin
16. Thomas Lemmer - One

Summer can come again! - COSMIC CHILL LOUNGE VOL. 4

SINE MUSIC releases the fourth edition of their succesful compilation series 'COSMIC CHILL LOUNGE'.

For the first time SINE MUSIC will be releasing three different versions of the compilation: the 'Relax' edition, available on CD and as download, the 'Beach Club' edition, available only as download and the 'Deluxe' edition which will be both the the 'Relax' and the 'Beach Club' editions combined and will be available as download exclusively from iTunes.

The Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.4 'Relax' edition concentrates on the softer, slower tones of finest Chillout, Lounge and Downtempo. Various well-known producers have contributed brand new, never before released tracks. Sometimes more acoustic, sometimes more electronic, some tracks with vocals, others just instrumental: exacltly this mix transports the listener out to the wide ocean and deep blue sky. The every day stress dissapears and the listener feels warm and light.

Relaxation pure!

The Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.4 'Beach Club' edition is devoted to the relaxed, but groovy beats that are not only danceable but also relaxing. This mix of deep -house and dubby grooves guarantees warmth and within minutes every room is filled with sunshine.

Spring for all the senses

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