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Title: Intoxicating
Label: Sine Music
Genre: Listening / Lounge
Ordernumber: sm0006
Format: CD
Releasedate: 2009-07-23
Price: 13.90 € (approx. 18.77 $)  nur noch 1 mal auf Bestand

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1. Gravity
2. Menina
3. Creativity
4. Yumenonakade
5. Trees On The Moon
6. As One
7. Take You There
8. Flavor's Place
9. Don't You Know
10. Hot Rain
11. Hoshi No Namida
12. Clear Blue Sky
13. Like An Arrow
14. True Love
15. Photic Zone
16. Beautiful Nothing

„Let yourself be intoxicated“

Sine Music is proud to announce the collaboration with one of Zurich’s most active producers for their debut artist album, none other than the producer Flavio Maspoli with his project ‘Merge of Equals’.

The album title ‘Intoxicating’ describes his music perfectly. Ambient and Chillout sounds are mixed together to form a distinctive, urban audio-cocktail with a wide range of emotions and atmospheres. Flavio incorporates Electronica, Funk and Film music creating a breathtakingly groovy album which transcends the usual styles of the Lounge genre.

Many of his tracks can be found on numerous Chillout and Lounge compilations released worldwide and are among the most frequently played titles in the bars and cafés of Ibiza, for example the Café del Mar. At last these well known tracks will be combined with new creations on one album.

Let yourself be carried away and intoxicated by the sounds of Merge of Equals!

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