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Title: The Detroit Connection Pt. 3, mixed by DJ Godfather
Label: Matrix Musik
Genre: Techno
Ordernumber: trix0312
Format: CD
Releasedate: 2008-05-08
Price: 17.95 € (approx. 24.23 $)  nicht auf Bestand

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1. Intro
2. DJ Omega - Spellbound
3. DJ Rashad - Girls Bust Down
4. DJ Nasty - Sounds Of The City
5. DJ Spin - That Booty
6. DJ Godfather - Corrupted Files
7. Godfather - Bounce N' Break Yo Back
8. DJ Godfather - Jackin' U
9. DJ Rashad - Work It Trick (DJ Spin)
10. AUX 88 - Rated AUX
11. DJ Deeon - Titties N Ass
12. Erotek - Don't Fuck With Me
13. DJ Godfather - What Down
14. DJ Godfather - Enable Playback
15. Mister Ries - Get Freaky
16. DJ Spin - Take A Taxi
17. DJ Omega - Da Biz
18. DJ Godfather - Electro Beats (Detroit)
19. DJ Surgeon - Masterplan
20. Chi Boogie - Snap
21. DJ Godfather - Chopper
22. DJ Omega - All The Way Down
23. DJ Surgeon - Killa, Killa
24. DJ Rashad/DJ Gantman - What The Fuck
25. DJ Godfather - Dance
26. DJ Godfather - Get Down Lil Mama
27. DJ Omega - E. Warren
28. DJ Deeon - The Freaks (06' Remix)
29. DJ Godfather - Godzilla (Remix)
30. Aaron Carl - 21 Positions
31. DJ Godfather - Who's That DJ ?
32. Godfather/DJ Omega - Electro Ghetto
33. DJ Rashad - Let's Go
34. DJ Godfather - Werk
35. DJ Surgeon - Duel Of The Jit
36. DJ Clint - Back Up Off Me
37. DJ Godfather - It's Time
38. DJ Omega - Bounce Your Booty
39. DJ Rashad - Acidlife
40. DJ Deeon - Freaky, Freaky
41. Erotek - Erotek NFX
42. DJ Godfather - Like A Hoe
43. DJ Godfather - Bass
44. Mister Ries - Hit It
45. DJ Godfather/Starski - Tom's Bomb
46. DJ Godfather - Get Down
47. Coon Daddy - Big Balle
48. Audiopervert - OEJ
49. Non Stop DJs - Rock The Nation
50. DJ Surgeon - Boss Up
51. DJ Clint - Bounce
52. Godfather/Dr. Jiffy - Downtown 2 The Burbs
53. DJ Godfather - Bang The Box
54. DJ Omega - Tittie Bar 06'
55. Chi Boogie - Everybody
56. DJ Omega - Symphony
57. Six Foe - Seasons
58. DJ Rashad - 911
59. DJ Surgeon - Pop Them Thangs
60. DJ Godfather - Ghetto Style DJs
61. DJ Godfather/Starski - Booty Girl
62. Non Stop DJs - The Runner
63. DJ Godfather - Don't Stop
64. DJ Nasty - Drop That (Acapella)
65. DJ Godfather - Moments

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Here comes a special one, done in a special way, by a very special artist, but the most important thing is that it is a real special mix!

The third installment in our Detroit Connection series, which was launched by an album by the legendary KEVIN SAUNDERSON and continued with a mix by DJ-3000, is also the world’s first ever completely digital mix series using Scratch LIVE technology and tracks only available digitally, starting off with a sound straight from Detroit. On this mix, DJ Godfather shows off his ghetto tech, booty styles, coming right at you with hard hitting lyrics and fast, dirty beats and basslines. This is a mouth-watering collection, mixing up elements from techno, electro, Miami Bass and hip-hop, Godfather embraces the Detroit ghetto styles and throws them back out to the people of the world, inviting them to shake their booties and grind to the bad-ass beats. In addition, the mix is given a live club feel, hosted and MC-ed by DJ Omega.

Coming straight out of Detroit, the ghetto-tech / booty sound has spent many years developing and evolving at street level, however it is only recently that it has finally burst onto the international circuit. This seriously fast and furious sound contains the most explicit attitude to lyrical content and upfront bass that the world has ever seen, creating a no nonsense, ass-shaking, booty-bouncing example of ghetto expression that is damn infectious. So infectious in fact that this scene has now spread to all four corners of the globe and it is that simple fact that has inspired this irresistible collection.

A journey into the urban underground always needs a host and this most important task has fallen at the feet of none other than booty pioneer DJ Godfather. The CD is a monster-mix consisting of no less than 66 (!) tracks from the legend that is DJ GODFATHER. It rips through a catalogue of booty classics from ghetto superstars such as DJ RASHAD, DJ NASTY, DJ DEEON, DJ OMEGA, CHI BOOGIE, EROTEK, AARON CARL and of course DJ GODFATHER. It bumps, beats and scratches for over an hour of technical skills and straight up slamming ghetto tech to provide you with the most direct, pitched-up and explicit collection of Detroit’s finest and filthiest !!!

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