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Label:Mole Listening Pearls

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Price:14.95 € (approx. 20.18 $) many on stock
Superluminal are a production trio from Warsaw, Poland, formed in 2011. Superluminal performs electronic mus√ic, saturated with colour, teeming with expression, resonating with dynamics, luxuriant in depth and full of other relevant nerdy scientific verbal equations. Superluminal are Electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and gravity – these are the four main forces governing the stability of our reality. Just like the perfect balance of melody, harmony and rhythm render absolute music. Their Debut Album "Pacifica" strives to find this balance and exceed the established criteria of electronic music production with no compromises, encompassing influences from jazz, rock, soul, modernism, film, photography and graphical art. Superluminal is not afraid to play its music live -- with almost infinite amount of cables connecting synthesizers, laptops,...[ read on ]

cd news tech-house

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Artist:J. Axel
Title:Like A Shadow
Label:Plastic City

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Price:14.95 € (approx. 20.18 $) many on stock
The shadow is an unlit place or a signal generated by a light projection image of a body, caused by himself. Shades in the summer of coolness and rest. In painting, a shadow gives the visual depth or result in the first space or just a perspective to an object. The second album by J. Axel explores the musical shadow in Tech House. The Swedish producer places lightweight objects in a glistening Cosmos of Sound and projects his shadows over the entire range of musical moods, emotions and landscapes. The clouds shadows flitting across the sea and protecting against the dazzling sun. Exactly out there, where our battered and sensitive everyday stressed souls were lost on a white beach at the Baltic Sea one afternoon in August. The album is a summery of meditation, which throws shadows itself by the full moon deep into the night. Right here, music has a function, is tangible, floods and...[ read on ]

cd news dance

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Artist:Morris Jones
Title:Love Me Loud
Label:Proton Records

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Price:14.95 € (approx. 20.18 $) many on stock
LOVE ME LOUD - this is the debut album by Morris Jones, consisting of Peter Kunz (programming and keyboards) and Matthew Tasa (Vocals), which exists since the year 2010. With their catchy dance sound , the two regularly provide high levels of traffic on the dance floors and have for years been constantly present with your publications in Europe hit lists and on the radio. Your last publications were placed all weeks in the dance and DJ charts in Germany , England , Italy, Switzerland and the Euro Top 100 In your live gigs they played to 20,000 fans and are again this year on some great festivals booked. Peter Kunz is responsible for the sound of Morris Jones and served on the stage the keyboards and synthesizers . A few years ago he hosted , among others ARD - Pop night. Matthew Tasa is an American record producer, songwriter and singer. His greatest success as a singer , he...[ read on ]

cd news techno

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Price:14.95 € (approx. 20.18 $) many on stock
Smilla has already released five singles on Harthouse and with the album “Drehmoment”, he again went one step further - both sound-wise as well as regarding his songwriting skills. “Zeitreise” is a driving Techno piece with spheric synth parts, the title track “Drehmoment” could be described as a very atmospheric track with hookline vocals and a bamboo flute from the good old times. “Chapter One” is more groovy and dark, a slow Tech-House track with a very fine pad, and with “Tripple Crown”, we drift into a driving technoid style - a track also somehow reminding of Industrial Techno. In “Scrubber”, we find a hypnotic synth line, paired with very fine drumming. As s a bonus for everybody who can’t get hold of a CD copy, there is a Dub version of the the title track “Drehmoment” included in the digital version of the album! An inherently consistent record and a great debut album!


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