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1.Fabien Kamb
2.nor elle
2nd Home
Back To Back
6.Junior Gee
8.Lukas Greenberg
Attention Musique
9.Bucher & Kessidis
Live On


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1.Nekes, Steven Cock
Nekes - Steven Cock
2.Rodrigo Laffertt
3.Florian Meindl
Paris - Berlin
4.Florian Meindl &...
5.Various Artists
Wild Bunch EP
6.Steampunk'd, Mr....
The Plot Thickens EP
7.Gamero Brown
El Pirado
8.Masiusz Kryska
Move Out
9.Norbert Meszes
So Good
10.Various Artists
Future Jazz Cafe Vol.5


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Artiest:Various Artists
Titel:sunshine live vol. 49

Release datum:2014-03-28  
Prijs:18.99 € (ong. 25.64 $) grote voorraad
We start the spring for you! On the brand new sunshine live vol 49 you will get back the best and latest compilation of dance tracks on the ears - Hits on hits from the heavy rotation of Germany's electronic radio sunshine live directly in your player! Germany's most successful radio compilation comes on 28 March in the trade and in all download stores. As always, the compilation in the chic digipack with 3D character and with 3 CDs appear - brimming with the coolest tracks from the clubs and the sunshine live program! The track listing for this spring-fresh compilation reads like a Who's Who of the international dance scene. Whether for your car, the "Warm Up" or for the first barbecue of the year, sunshine live vol. 49 is an absolute must for any fan of electronic dance music!

cd news tech-house

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Artiest:Various Artists
Titel:Terry's Café 15, compiled by Terry Lee Brown Junior
Label:Plastic City

Release datum:2013-10-18  
Prijs:14.95 € (ong. 20.18 $) grote voorraad
Terry’s Café is uninterrupted for 15 years, one of the hallmarks of excellent house compilations. Worldwide fans eagerly awaiting the new edition each year against which selection has compiled Terry Lee Brown Junior for the new roasting his series. The compilation has become a collector’s item. For even original packaging CD of the third edition of 2000 you have to invest almost EUR 900 today. At a time like in the debate about the low value of music, Terry’s Café is an investment. No wonder, for the past 15 years places the Plastic City label along with Terry Lee Brown Junior emphasis on a symbiosis of design and quality, both musically and visually. The packaging design of the series is exemplary noble and beautiful. Terry’s music selection and mix is ​​as always visionary for the genre. On the new Terry’s Café are 14 tracks, including interwoven by Benn Finn,...[ meer ]

cd news dance

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Artiest:Various Artist
Titel:Sunshine Live Vol. 48

Release datum:2013-12-13  
Prijs:18.99 € (ong. 25.64 $) grote voorraad
We shorten the waiting time until Christmas and bring even between Saint Nicholas and Christmas Eve: the new sunshine live vol. 48 - with even more tracks and hits! How does it work? It's simple: From now on CD1, 2 and 3 now brimming with the latest tunes and crackers out of the days program and the DJ broadcasts of your favorite radio station Sunshine Live! The new musical concept bringing you the latest hits by, among other things Hardwell & W & W, Scooter, DJ Antoine, Armin Van Buuren, Sebastian Ingrosso, Sean Finn & Jay Frog, Milk & Sugar, Talla 2XLC and many more! As always in a stylish 3D digipack and this time quite the Christmas fir green. sunshine live vol. 48 - from 13:12. Available everywhere ... Christmas is NOW!

cd news techno

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Artiest:Boris Brejcha
Titel:Feuerfalter Part 02

Release datum:2014-02-21  
Prijs:14.95 € (ong. 20.18 $) grote voorraad
Music is colorful, diverse and vibrant as the butterflies. Almost 180,000 different species live in 127 families. The music by Boris Brejcha is like a "Feuerfalter" (copper). On one side the butterfly is relaxing and floating on the wind, but on the other hand he also sets with steam and fire to a fall into a low altitude. This is how it feels when Brejcha makes music. The fourth album is exactly the description of this "Feuerfalter", a kind of backflash into the impressive career of Boris Brejcha. An album that deliberately shows how the artist works versatile. Times slightly floating, sometimes wild hitting the wing, always full of passion. The influences of his travelings and performances characterize his art again. This creates a music that may be accompanied on Brejchas audience the whole day: at home, in a relaxed atmosphere or just at night, when the trip through the...[ meer ]

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Artiest:Ken Ishii
Titel:The Bounder EP
Formaat:mp3 / EPdetails

Release datum:2014-03-07  
Prijs:1.89 € (ong. 2.55 $) grote voorraad
Being in the business for 20 years is safe to assume an achievement. Being successful in that business over all those years is simply stunning. Ken Ishii debuted on the legendary Belgian techno label R & S Records in 1993, and since then, the Sapporo-born DJ and musician has not only produced the official theme song for the winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan in 1998 and was in charge of the music and designing an exclusive 12.2 surround sound system for the Seto-Nihon Pavilion at the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan, but had countless releases on renowned labels and played in more than 140 countries all over the world. His latest masterpiece, "The Bounder", starts with a pumping kick drum, surrounded by chirping and slightly disturbing sounds, before the massive bass line hits you like a hammer after the inevitable break. Beeping bits, cool synths and playful effects remind of the...[ meer ]


cd charts

2.Boris Brejcha
Feuerfalter Part 01
5.Boris Brejcha
Feuerfalter Part 02
8.Oscar Barila & Maiki
Parallel Minds


vinyl charts

Passive Control
2.Terry Lee Brown...
3.Cool Million
Back For More
4.The Timewriter
6.Joey Beltram
Shaking Trees
7.The Timewriter
Pasodoble (Remixes)
8.Terry Lee Brown...
Soul Digits (Remixes)
9.Miro Pajic
Do It
10.The Timewriter


listening charts

1.nor elle
2nd home
3.nor elle


house charts


techno charts

1.Boris Brejcha
Feuerfalter Part 01
3.Boris Brejcha
Mein Wahres Ich


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